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Linework found: Here!

Dance central AU which took me far too many hours to colour but I’m very proud of it!
The Glitterati are a pair of high class and high fashion twins with lines such as:

"Well well, lets hope your success isn’t… Short lived."
"I’m going to take a mental picture, and burn your face off with a match"

And Oblio (Nik’s character) Is a sort of… Loner… Weirdo crow guy.
I dont even… It was inspired by the video in the lineart link!

Thank you Nik for this idea~

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is so pretty Q v Q ]]


redmedicnikolaus gave me the idea based from THIS video from one of our favorite games.
Even though Mercy should be much higher, again it looked quite odd if there was any more difference.

Colouring will be a slow process but I am just in love with my line work for once. ))


Name one Pokemon you can see my muse having


Lindsey Stirling + Original Songs

Oh my god so much for my first ic post in ages ]]

fearfortheliving whispered: "Doktor please, just, spit eet out already."

"I vant to touch you, feel your skin and caress you deeply so zhat your soul feels it…"

What the hell did he just say. He slapped his hand over his mouth and stared wide eyed at the other medic.

Send ‘SPIT IT OUT!’ and I’ll randomly generate a number. Whatever number it is, my muse will blur it out to you!


It’s gonna be a mixed bag. Go with caution!

Numbers: 1 - 50

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